The festivities are just around the corner and chances are that you are looking for a tourist destination where you can have immense fun with your lover or family. Of course, there are so many amazing places across the globe where you can experience untamed fun. Memorial Day to Labor Day is Virginia Beach’s peak tourist season.

Virginia Beach ranks among the top due to its strategic location and the fact that it accords visitors from all walks of life an opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Virginia Beach’s popularity as a top tourist location continues to soar across the globe because of its famous top class resorts, state of the art hotels, entertainment activities, surfing events, sand soccer and many other amazing activities. The oceanfront boardwalk is one of the most well known landmark in Virginia Beach and there are more than 40+ boardwalk hotels and resorts that visitors can choose.


Other than its spectacular range of activities and parks, Virginia Beach stands out as the ultimate tourist destination for the discerning gentleman and woman, a prime location for a family vacation and the epitome of true happiness. If you are like me, chances are that the first thing you will check out about a tourist location is the quality of its accommodations. Of course, if you are paying to experience and have fun, it’s only proper that you make it count. If you are on the verge of parking your bags and heading to Virginia Beach, you need not worry about the status of its accommodation facilities as it is home to some of the best hotels one can ever hope for.

Virginia Beach hotels are a sight to behold, a gem of sorts, an epitome of luxury, and the ultimate accommodation facilities. Whether you are looking to stay in a two star hotel, an exclusive restaurant, a five star, or beach resort, you can rest assured that the accommodation facilities have been tuned to meet and exceed all your expectations. At Virginia Beach, hotels exist for the purpose of providing visitors with the ultimate experience, a home away from experience, a place where they can create memories they will relieve for many years to come. So whether you are looking for an exquisite beach condo, a luxurious restaurant close to where the action is, a hotel that befits your status, or simply a beach resort that screams luxury in every aspect, you can trust that Virginia Beach has it all.

All the Virginia Beach hotels stand out because of the quality of services they offer to visitors. It doesn’t matter the class or they type of hotel you want. The bottom line is Virginia Beach hotels are unique, offer unique services and ensure that visitors are satisfied beyond measure. There are those hotels along the beach that give you a great view of the ocean and presents visitors with an opportunity to indulge in outdoor games such as golfing, sightseeing, biking, water spots and other unique spots. Tuned to provide visitors with an ultimate home away from home feeling, Virginia Beach hotels have large and spacious rooms, luxurious and large comfortable beds, high internet speeds, cable TV, spacious balconies and foods that are sumptuous and tasty.

Other important features found in Virginia Beach hotels include fitness center, swimming pools, ATM and deposit boxes, and car rental services, a variety of international cuisines for guests, excellent room services, excellent conference facilities, and hospitable staff among many others. Indeed, vacationing in Virginia Beach is all you need to unwind and bond with your family!

There are five amusement parks for all different tastes. Ocean Breeze Waterpark and Virginia Beach Amusement Park are the most popular and they provide traditional amusement and water park rides. Motor World contains not only Karting, but mini-golf, classic amusement park rides and even paintballing. Mount Trashmore, so named as it used to be a landfill site, has a large skate park and Nightmare House on Atlantic Avenue is a great horror house to take the kids.


There are three craft breweries in Virginia Beach. Young Veterans Brewing Company and Beach Brewing Co both have tasting rooms open to the public on most days. The newer Back Bay Brewing has a tasting room opening shortly.

Ecotourism has a large portion of the tourism market in Virginia Beach. There are many eco-adventures companies which offer tours on the land and on the water. Coyotes, foxes and bobcats can be seen inland of Virginia Beach in False Cape State Park. There are tours available to see dolphins in their natural habitat.
The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center conducts tours of the coast for bird sightings as well as whales if the season is right. They offer school field trips and overnight adventures into the various surrounding regions with a focus on education.

Lessons for surfing, stand up paddling and kayaking are popular in the area. In the summer these programs may even offer dolphin sighting tours.

Cirquesa Dreamquest tells the story of a young boy whose core values grow through two hours of acrobatics, shows of strength and theatrics. It feels like a journey to an imaginary place and is a must see for families going to the area.

While it’s only been open since 2008, the Military Aviation Museum is one of the major tourist attractions and is one of the largest collections in the world. There are over 60 planes from just prior to World War I through to the late 1950s. Nearly all the planes are flight worthy as they have been restored, mainly using original parts. They host displays of the planes in motion twice a year, in May and June.

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