Sightseeing Attractions

Virginia beach, in itself, is a sightseeing attraction. Beautiful scenery, beaches for miles and colonial style architecture make this a unique vacation spot for everyone.  But for those who like to fill their time packing in all the sights that a place has to offer, Virginia Beach has plenty to offer them.

The beachfront, with its concrete boardwalk, is lined with Colonial-style street lamps, walking paths and bike lanes. It’s highly likely, that while you’re wandering down the boardwalk, you’ll run into an event or festival of some sort on the boardwalk or, at the very least, street performers entertaining passers by.

Restaurants, shops and Virginia Beach hotels also line the boardwalk but it is much quieter than other popular beachfronts further north.  With public art such as monuments and statues commemorating its naval history, the boardwalk is an easy way to soak in the relaxing vibe and surrounding history.

Take a turn just off the Boardwalk and you’ll find the Old Coast Guard Station, which now serves as a small museum dedicated to Virginia Beach’s history as a marine spot.  The museum showcases photographs, artefacts and even lifesaving equipment used in the past.

At the beach itself the gentle waters here are ideal for swimming, kayaking and scuba diving.  The beach is well known for its pleasant climate, cleanliness and relaxing atmosphere.  Other beaches, such as Chicks Beach, Croatan Beach and Chesapeake bay also offer slightly different waters and fewer people.

Taking a boat around the coast for the best views of the oceanfront makes for a relaxing and exhilarating way to see Virginia Beach from the ocean.  Pick up a sightseeing tour from Rudee Inlet in the Marina District to take to the seas in style and comfort.

To see what lies within the water, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is one of the most popular ones for visitors with over 300 species of animals within the center: from sharks to owls to komodo dragons.  Educational exhibits ensure that the aquarium is both a fun and enriching experience for the whole family.

For history buffs and nature enthusiasts no visit to Virginia Beach is complete without a trip to First Landing State Park, the most-visited park in the entire State.  Famous for being the first place where the Jamestown colonists landed, it’s a beautiful spot for hiking, biking, picnicking and even camping.

Just across the street from First State Landing Park is the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse.  This lighthouse was the first one ever authorized by congress and it still has ties to the government.  With its location on Fort Story Military base, visitors need to provide ID to visit but it’s still a popular sightseeing attraction.   Constructed in 1790, the brick lighthouse has an important history in trade along the coast.

Aircraft enthusiasts should also make a stop at the Military Aviation Museum which is home to an incredible array of classic aircraft which will fly you back in time.

If you’re willing to head a little further inland, one of the oldest houses in the state, the Adam Thoroughgood House, provides a taste of what life was like back in colonial times.

Now all that history and scenery may be a little too much for the little ones but if there’s one thing the kids can’t resist, it’s the Ocean Breeze Waterpark.  With plenty of slides, areas for kids and adults it’s great value for the whole family.   For those who like a bit of adrenaline (but probably not for the youngest of children!) there’s also Nightmare Mansion, a scary, but fun, way to pass a few hours.