Ocean Breeze Waterpark

  • ocean breeze waterpark
  • ocean breeze waterpark
  • ocean breeze waterpark
  • ocean breeze waterpark


Sometimes the water at the ocean just isn’t enough to satisfy the water lover in you. For the splash of waves a touch of adrenalin there’s none quite like Virginia Beach’s Ocean Breeze.

It all started in 1974 with three mat slides and since then, Ocean Breeze has become the only waterpark in Virginia Beach and the foremost waterpark in the area.

Located south of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, the Ocean Breeze waterpark is open all through from the middle of May all the way to early September to take advantage of the busy summer months.

For a bit of adult fun or to entertain the kids, this is a place for the whole family to enjoy, with adventure slides and smaller slides for everyone, depending on how brave they want to be.

One of the rides, the serpentine track with its high curves and crazy 360 degree turns, is only for the daring. Make sure you don’t miss out on Topsy Turvy which is not only one of the best rides in the region but was recently named the best waterpark ride in the entire world.

Then there’s also surprise adventure tubing, an exciting but less daring ride that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

It doesn’t end there. From the stormy hurricane to the white water adventure of jungle falls, the entire park is filled with fun and adventure for adults and children alike. For those brave enough to walk the plank at Pirate’s Plummet or go loopy at the largo loop, there’s an adventure to be had around every corner.

While many of those rides are only suitable for adults and slightly older children, little ones don’t have to miss out as there are also plenty of rides which are specially designed for little ones too. From lazy rivers to smaller slides, there’s no reason even the smallest members of the family can’t join in the fun.

Away from the actual ocean, the waterpark’s very own sea, complete with waves but without the sand and sea creatures, comes in the form of their million-gallon wave pool.

Take some memories of the fun with you and don’t leave the Ocean Breeze Waterpark empty handed. A candy store and gift shop ensure that visitors can keep their experience from the park fresh in their memory (or in their stomach) in the form of candy or t-shirts.

After getting hungry on the rides, don’t miss out on the fresh and tasty food at one of the onsite restaurants such as the Palm Tree Grill, River Runners Bar & Grill, Shipwreck Subs, Paradise pizza and more. Wherever your taste buds take you there’s always something to take your fancy.
While this is a popular destination for families, adults and couples also enjoy coming back again and again. For those who make frequent visits it’s a good idea to arrange a season pass to save money and take advantage of seasonal offers.

Free parking is available on site and directions or transport can be arranged from any of the hotels by the beach or in the city center.