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The Belvedere Beach Resort is a boutique resort in Virginia Beach that has become well known as the place for the perfect family getaway location. Situated on he peaceful Northern end of Virginia Beach’s boardwalk, the Belvedere overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is the ideal place for those wanting a taste of Virginia Beach’s charms while getting away from it all.

With a mix of southern hospitality, a touch of classic old-school boutique charm and all the top amenities you need for your stay there are plenty of good reasons why this hotel has formed a special place in the hearts of many who come to stay, and many more who return again and again.

Situated right on the beachfront, this family-owned hotel features 50 guest rooms all facing the sea, something that makes this unique hotel quite special amongst other beach front locations. This means that in rooms higher up, you can catch a view of the dolphins in the morning or, on the first floor, that you can step right out onto the oceanfront.

The location of the Belvedere makes it perfect for families to enjoy a day out at the beach, be a little more adventurous with water sports in the sea or take a stroll along the boardwalk day or night. Staff will happily recommend places to visit by day or places to eat and drink at night so you can take advantage of Virginia Beach’s many sightseeing spots or just relax by the beach or in the room.

Included in your stay are complimentary adult bicycles and the staff are more than happy to share tips on where to go to see the best that Virginia beach has to offer. Plus, for those just wanting to relax on the beach there are beach chairs and umbrellas for rent on the property. A lifeguard stands right outside the property so you can happily swim in the sea or in the heated pool.

Each room feels sunny and open by day but quiet and cosy at night. Reviews regularly praise the fact that the rooms are immaculate and spotless. Each room caters for your needs with a microwave and refrigerator and free wifi. There’s even saltwater taffy, for those who can’t live without it on a visit to the beach.

Don’t worry about getting sand in the room and sheets, the maids are pros at getting rid of sand or anything from outside the room and keep the hotel in immaculate condition.

The local Belvedere Coffee Shop and Diner are one of the other reasons guests from both within and outside the hotel wax lyrical about the Belvedere. A favorite place for breakfast and lunch on the oceanfront, the Belvedere Coffee Shop and Diner serves good tasty food like fried egg sandwiches or the delicious Patty Melt or, homemade pancakes, covered in maple syrup. This casual but highly recommended diner make this the kind of place people come back to time and time again.

Most of the praise for this boutique hotel, however, goes to the staff. Their warm and welcoming attitude, which comes straight from the family who owns the hotel, makes the Belvedere beach resort such a warm and homely place to be.