The Cavalier Virginia Beach

  • Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach
  • Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach
  • Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach
  • Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach

Celebrated as the hotel that catapulted Virginia Beach to fame, the cavalier has continued to wow visitors ever since it was established in the year 1927. A sight to behold, a beacon of luxury and sophistication, an epitome of true happiness, the cavalier is a hotel on a different platform offering services that appeal to many a visitor. That it is one of the most celebrated hotels in Virginia Beach is not by default. This luxurious establishment prides itself in setting the bar high in so far as the satisfaction of its customers is concerned. It recognizes the importance of always meeting and exceeding the expectations of its wide array of customers and this explains why it has weathered many storms to become the top accommodation facility after all these years.

Primarily located on the north end side of the Virginia Beach, the cavalier has become a monument of sorts, a beacon of recognition and the ultimate hotel that brought the beauty of Virginia Beach to the fore. Its reach tradition, great history, state of the art accommodation facilities, hospitable staff, strategic location, wide range of international cuisines have all contributed to the larger than life picture of this storied hotel. Its strategic location has made it the hotel of choice for those who are looking for a once in a life time Virginia Beach experience. The hotels ambience, state of the art facilities, warm hospitality, amazing interior décor and its well known historic architecture is what has continued to propel it to greater heights of stardom.
Some of the unique services you stand to benefit when you stay at the cavalier.

Depending on the season you set foot in this great hotel, you can rest assured that the services offered to you will be customized to reflect the prevailing conditions. As always, this state of the art hotel purposes to ensure that your stay is as memorable and comfortable as possible. In this regard, you can expect to enjoy the following services:

  • An outdoor pool
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • Business travel package
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Family packages
  • Exceptional room services
  • Ample parking space
  • Same day laundry service
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Hotel concierge
  • Concessions
  • Basketball court

The cavalier has not weathered competition and still stayed relevant for all these years by default. The fact that the hotel treats its customers with utmost respect and offers customized services for different seasons has served to propel its popularity over the years. In fact, its rich history and emphasis on customer satisfaction has seen it become the ultimate accommodation facility in Virginia Beach. You cannot say to have been in Virginia Beach if you don’t set foot in this state of the art luxurious hotel that propelled the beach to fame. The cavalier is where excellence meets quality and customer satisfaction the norm rather than an exception. Booking for the hotel can be done online and visitors and can make any arrangements they have beforehand! If you want to experience an unforgettable vacation, cavalier is the place to be!